Bubble Master

The most wanted Bubble Master makes dancing parties full of fun. Equipped with Double Bubble Wheel, Bubble Master constantly produces volumes of firm bubbles. Its big mouth blows strongly volumes of bubbles to the air,??... Read More

ATMOS DMX Fog Machine (AF-1700DX/1700SDX)

ATMOS AROUND THE WORLD ATMOS DMX fog machine is multi-function professional that has passed strict tests under imitated environments and certification of safety regulations. DMX ON BOARD permits uses through connect??... Read More

Super Hazer 80 (SHZ-80T/80D)

Haze maker of high efficiency Super Hazer 80 is high efficiency of heating. It is compact for easy movement. It can make volumes of harmless and dry haze that is perfectly suitable for matching with any kind of traditi??... Read More

Super Hazer 400 (DMX on board)

Haze effect of high light penetration Please select Super Hazer 400 for fog effect with high light transmission. Super Hazer 400 is able to generate harmless, dry and clean haze with high light transmission, which is a??... Read More

Cyclone Fogger (DMX on board)

Powerful and stunning output in vertical Cyclone Fogger of vertical output is born as professional with DMX control. Its powerful vertical output creates outstanding fog effect. One-piece jointless die-cast heating pip??... Read More

Gusto Professional DMX Fog Machines (DMX on board)

All deliberate designs have accomplished Gusto as products of preeminence. GUSTO™ has developed a series of the most advanced DMX-controlled fog machines. Using the innovative three-module system effective in heating,??... Read More