Gusto Professional DMX Fog Machines (DMX on board)

All deliberate designs have accomplished Gusto as products of preeminence.

GUSTO™ has developed a series of the most advanced DMX-controlled fog machines. Using the innovative three-module system effective in heating, pumping and circuit controlling, they present a new concept of heating efficiency, operation safety and maintenance simplicity.


GUSTO series, DMX digital foggers, establish their eminence in the market with unique innovation and professional technique. Thanks to their high security and easy maintenance, GUSTO series are perfectly adapted for locations of professional performance. There are our optional models: GT-1000GT-1250GT-1800 and GT-3500, with the following five characteristics:

Easy Maintenance

The entire machine is assembled with a heat module, a pump module and a circuit module. The innovative design completely solves the problem that the circuit and other parts interfere with one another while dismantling for update, maintenance or repair. Each of the three modules is independent, and does not affect the others, and that is what makes the maintenance so direct and easy. At the same time, you can easily disassemble the lateral sides to take out the broken heating module or the pump module, or the rear side to replace the circuit module. Such intelligent and ideal design makes the maintenance most humanized and simple. View more details…