Professional Fog (GT-1000)

Innovative, Safe, Easily-maintained

Technically innovated and securely guaranteed, GT-1000 occupies an indispensable position in the market, characterizing easy maintenance and maximal operation safety.

With the innovative shell design featuring easy disassembly on three sides, GUSTO series make maintenance most convenient and simple. You can directly open the lateral sides to replace the heat module or the pump module, or open the rear side to take off the broken circuit module. The independent design of the three modules dramatically facilitates the maintenance.

The patented liquid-level sensor automatically stops the pump from providing oil once it detects lack of liquid. This outstanding feature not only helps to avoid burning damage, enhancing operating security, but also successfully separates the oil tank from the mechanism, allowing the tank to be taken away from the fixture anytime without breaking any connection.

Quality guaranteed by professional technology, GT-1000 creates an amazing effect for a ball or an exhibition with its short heating time and large fogging volume.


  • Sharp Modularization: The entire machine is assembled with a heating module, a pump module and a circuit module. Each of the three modules is independent, and that is what makes the maintenance so direct and easy.
  • Security: The die-cast heating module is perfectly covered and sealed with double-decked iron shell. Patented low-liquid sensor detects shortage of liquid and warns the pump to cut oil supply automatically so as to prevent from damaging.
  • High Efficiency: The die-cast heating module fastens heat transmission and therefore, shortens the heating cycle.
  • Convenience: GT-1000 is a DMX digital foggers which can be conveniently connected with other foggers and DMX stage equipment for operation by extra DMX controller. Besides, it can be operated by exteriorly connected controllers (LC-1X) to do master/slave operation or normal control.


Model No GT-1000
Power 1000W
Fuse(120V) 12A
Fuse(230V,240V) 6A
Warm Up time(min) 4.5
Fog Output (cu.ft/min) 10000
Tank (liters) 2
Bracket YES
Dimensions (LxWxH W/Handle) 378x220x209mm
Weight (kg) 6kg
Voltage 120V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz
Matching Controller (Optional) LC-1X, RC-1X, TC-1X
Matching Controller (Included) LC-1X

* Voltage is preset at factory and may not be changed.

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