CF-8.0 | DMX Vertical LED Fogger 8.0

CF-8.0 CF-8.0
CF-8.0 CF-8.0


  • Built-in function of led lighting control allows easy control led patterns through by LED display. Like flames, burst etc.
  • When hanging CF-8.0 upside down, just loosen the few screws of the tank fixed cover to change the position of the tank.
  • Visible fog fluid level indicator on rear.
  • DMX on board, 5 DMX modes for choice; 1CH, 2CH, 3CH, 5CH & 7CH, operate by any additional DMX controller.
  • Manual fogging can be operated directly from the back panel of the machine.
  • Operate by wireless controller (RC-4CA). Simple and humanized design makes CF-8.0 easier for use.
  • Aluminum die-cast design functioned with high-effective heating module prevents clogging. Unique design that can be earthed directly without affecting normal working of the thermo system and DMX control circuit. There won’t be danger of accidental human body’s electric shock.
  • High output fog machine, approx. 20,000 cu.ft/min output.
  • Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) – electronic heater stay hot at all times between fog blasts.
  • Direct thermal protection.


Name DMX Vertical LED Fogger
Item No. CF-8.0
Heater Power 700W
Consumption 750W
FUSE(120V) T10A/250V
FUSE(230V,240V) T5A/250V
Warm Up time(min) 9
Fog Output (cu.ft/min) 20000
Display LED
Tank (liters) 2L
LED RED 3W x 4
GREEN 3W x 4
BLUE 3W x 4
DMX512 CH. 1CH, 2CH, 3CH, 5CH, 7CH
Handle YES
Dimensions/mm (LxWxH W/Handle) 409×297×195mm
Weight (kg) 10.7
Voltage 120V,230V,240V 50/60Hz
Matching Controller (Included) DZ-2

* NOTICE: Voltage is preset at factory and may not be changed.

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