EH-6.0 | Dry Ice Machine

EH-6.0 EH-6.0 EH-6.0 EH-6.0


  • Enchanter dry ice machine can content 34kgs of dry ice per time.
  • Double smoke outlet design, so that the output of smoke volume is bigger and amazing.
  • Unused dry ice can be kept cool in the stainless cooler box automatically for 24 hours.
  • Multi-function operation control. Built-In timer control, manual control and DMX control.
  • DMX on board, 3 DMX modes for choice; 1CH, 2CH, 4CH, operate by any additional DMX controller.
  • Smoke output can be adjusted through by LCD display.
  • Built-in function of timing control allows easy timing control interval and duration.
  • There is a large amount of smoke output, could at the same time 34 kg of dry ice out of smoke.
  • Visible liquid level indicator on the machine.
  • Double U-type heating tube design, each single heating tube 3000 watts, two heating tubes work together and the heating time takes only 28 minutes. Could choose the working power of 3000W or 6000W.
  • Precise electronic temperature control system.
  • Almost zero failure rate, circuit design conforming to safety regulations, the use of air expansion and pipeline siphon principle directly out of smoke.
  • Streamlined housing presents sense of brightness for the sight.


Model EH-6.0
Heater Power 1450W x 2 (100V/120V); 3000W x 2 (230V/240V)
Main Power Supply 1500W(100V/120V); 3000W (230V/240V)
Auxiliary Power Supply 1450W(100V/120V); 3000W (230V/240V)
Consumption 3000W(100V/120V); 6100W (230V/240V)
Fuse(230V,240V) NFB 20A x 2
Warm up time 55 min. (3000W), 28 min.(6000W)
DMX 512CH. 1CH, 2CH, 4CH
Bulit-in Function Timing Fogging, Manual Fogging
Manual Fogging YES
Stop working at low water volumes YES
Low water alert LCD display text notification
Maximum coverage 700㎡
Electronic temperature control 80 degree, 75 degree, 70 degree, 65 degree
Fog adjustment Large, medium and small, three segments
Capacity of Insulation Box 34kg
Water Consumption (Water level to machine window line) 40 Liter
Liquid Level Visual window Yes
With a bracket or handle handle
With wheels Yes
Date connection 3P / 5P XLR
Power connection powerCON
Display LCD
Dimensions (LxWxH W/Handle) 720×510×690 (mm)
Weight (kg) 51
Voltage 230V,240V 50/60Hz
Accessories (Optional buy) EH-6.0H(Fog Conducting Hose x1+ Fog Conducting Hose Adaptor x 1)

* NOTICE: Voltage is preset at factory and may not be changed.

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