WS-3.0 | Professional DMX low-fog machine

WS-3.0 WS-3.0
WS-3.0 WS-3.0


  • Wiz Smog is an efficient low-fog machine that combines the effects of smoke and water mist, low fog covered the ground is not easy to float.
  • Consumable materials are pure water and water based fog liquid. It is easy to get these materials with economic prices.
  • Pioneer of one piece case, resistant to fall and crash. Unique design of plastic fly case chassis and wheels only needs additional buy of fly case top cover to have professional Wiz Smog packed in fly case.
  • Output by one button. Additional manual output button is designed to simplify the manual fogging
  • 5-8 minutes of first heating time.
  • 2-liter liquid tank. Use of our water base special low-fog liquid.
  • Maximum 50 liters of working liquid. Display of liquid level for easy checking.
  • LCD panel for easy reading and understanding.
  • Built-In 1, 4 or 6 channel DMX control. Easier to be controlled by any DMX controller.
  • Multi functions of operation control including built-in timer, manual and DMX.
  • Equiped with 3P and 5P XLR connector. Professional powerCON cable.
  • Can work with Novacorp’s wireless DMX WIFI transfer WD-1 to realize real wireless DMX control environment.


Name Wiz Smog
Model No. WS-3.0
Input Voltage 120V, 230V, 240V, 50/60Hz
Heater Power 1900W
Consumption(whole machine) 3500W
Breaker (120V) 23A x 2
Breaker (230V, 240V) 23A
Power Input powerCON
First heating time (min.) 5
Fluid Consumption (ml/min.) 30
Built-in Functions Timing Fogging; Continuous Fogging;Manual Fogging
No Fluid Warning YES
Low Water Shutdown YES
Output Adjustment 0%, 10-100%
Wind Adjustment 10-100%
Water Mist Adjustment A(50%), B(50%), A+B(100%)
Max Output Coverage 300m²/1min.
Continuous Output YES
Low-fog Fluid Tank (liter) 2L
Working Water (to the full waterline) (liter) 50L
Water Level Visible Window YES
Carrying Handle YES
Display Blue LCD Screen
DMX512 CH. 1CH, 4CH, or 6CH
DMX Connectors 3P & 5P XLR
Remote Connectors 1/4"JACK
Dimensions/mm (LxWxH) (697*647*900mm wheels and top cover of flight case included)//(697*647*790mm wheels included, no top cover of flight case)
Weight (kg) 75KG(with top cover of flight case)//60KG(without top cover of flight case)
Accessories (Optional buy)
  • WS-1.5H (Fog Conducting Hose x1+ Fog Conducting Hose Adaptor x 1)
  • WS-TF Top cover of flight case

* NOTICE: Voltage is preset at factory and may not be changed.

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