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BB-200 BB-200
BB-200 BB-200


  • Equipped with four Bubble Wheels, Bubble MasterII constantly produces volumes of firm bubbles.
  • The bottom base of the one-piece plastic case is completely sealed, so that the liquid will not easily spill when the machine is being moving.
  • Its big mouth blows strongly volumes of bubbles to the air, and also recycles the bubble liquid at the same to avoid liquid leaking.
  • BB-200 can work with wire controller (LC-3S) and wireless controller (RC-3). Without doubt, BB-200 is the best helper for creating the best activity atmosphere.
  • Easy for bubble liquid supply plus the handle for direct holding make BB-200 absolutely user-friendly in different kinds of locations, celebration parties, dancing parties and shows.


Model BB-200
Housing configuration Blue plastic case
Consumption 14W (230V); 37W (120V)
Fuse(120V) T1A/250V
Fuse(230V,240V) T1A/250V
Tank (Liter) 2
Fluid Consumption (ml/min) 120V: 22ml/min, 230V: 16ml/min
Bracket YES
Dimensions(KxWxH, W/Handle) 359 x 266 x 278 mm
Weight(kg) 3.7
Voltage 120V/60Hz; 230V,240V/50Hz
Matching Controller (Included) LC-3S
Matching Controller (Optional) RC-3
Batter Capacity N/A
Run time (full power) N/A
Charge cycle N/A

* NOTICE: Voltage is preset at factory and may not be changed.

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